a candle for each season.

Monday, April 22, 2013

I have a candle for each season. This was unintentionally and on purpose. Unintentionally because I don't normally buy candles in advance for the entire year, but I wasn't sure where I'd find Voluspa candles in China. On purpose because, being the planny person that I am, I took note of the burn time of each candle, counted the number of weeks, and then calculated approximately how long each candle would last. About three months. So I bought a 3-pack of said candles at Nordstrom's half-yearly sale, and a miniature one just for good measure: 1. in case I undercalculated, 2. because I love anything miniature, and 3. because Karli took me to the cutest stationary store in Culver City, and I couldn't walk away empty-handed.

What I've learned from this is: There's special something for each season. You let it light up the room, you breathe in smell of Pink Citron or Mokara. You enjoy it for a good few months. You use it up. And when it burns out, that's ok. You've got another good thing coming.

on fear.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Husband and I watched Greg Laurie speak at Saddleback for this week's service. I cried the whole time. I haven't lost anyone recently - but it broke my heart for those who have. And it made me so fearful. I am so fearful of losing Dave unexpectedly. But that fear also brought me perspective. Who cares if we still have a sink full of dishes? Am I really that upset that he forgot to put the toilet seat down and that in my bleary-eyed, still half-asleep stage, I fell in? I mean, really, what matters most? Fear scares us into the present. It reminds me to look next to me and see the sleepy man who is my world. Really see him. Kiss him, love him, and appreciate him for who he is in my life. 
Thank you, fear. I still win.

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