lizzie's wedding.

Friday, August 30, 2013

//the girls, photo via Holl//

My childhood friend, Liz, got married a few weeks ago, and it was the most touching wedding I've attended, so intimate and personal. Dave and I had just returned home from Shanghai a few days before, so the timing was perfect. After a year abroad, there was nothing more beautiful to me than spending time in the California sunshine, celebrating love and reuniting with the girls I grew up with.

//lavender iced tea, loves, and sparklers//

The wedding took place at the Highland Springs Resort, which I didn't know anything about until Lizzie said that she was getting married there. We ended up spending our three year anniversary there, at the same time as their annual lavender festival. If you're in Southern California during that time, it's a must visit. The resort is a local gem - olive trees and lavender fields and rustic beauty all around.
//friends, laughter, and celebrating Lizzie and Matt//

I honestly believe that California is one of the most  beautiful places in the world to live. I loved soaking in everything that I had missed - friends, glorious sunsets, fresh outdoor air. They served breakfast for dinner, which was so cute and yummy. I'll take pancakes at any time of the day!
//stunning reception backdrop and sunset//
That night was one of those nights where I was so happy that everything felt surreal and perfect and just so much like home. That night to me was the best possible kind of summer night, all filled with sunlight and laughter and celebration and catching up on everything. I'm so glad to have been there. Life is beautiful!

a collection, no. 2

Thursday, August 15, 2013

WEAR: Zimmermann Celestial Floral-Print Underwired Swimsuit | I would wear this suit while lounging at the pool of my Montecito vacation home. Dreaming!
LOOK: Coastal Color painting by Teil Duncan | I'm loving the colors, the geometric strokes, and of course, the beach scene.
WORK: Flowers for 2014 calendar by Lucie Wallace | All of her paintings are beautiful, and you wouldn't have to choose with this calendar! // Takenaka Bento Box | Also known as the most stylish way to brown bag lunch. My recent stop in Japan has fueled my admiration for Japanese products.
READ: Where'd You Go, Bernardette | Great reviews + great cover art. // Why the Woman Who "Has it All" Doesn't Really Exist by Barnard President Debora L. Spar for Glamour // Meet my Mentor: Condoleezza Rice by Lila Barton on Levo League | Condoleezza Rice has been one of my role models since high school, and I loved learning more about her through this interview. My takeaway quotes: "Recognize that you have a long life ahead of you and things come in stages. You don't have to try to do everything at once." and "I never had long-term goals for my career. It was focusing on shorter and immediate goals."

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