to the man who bought our espresso machine.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

It’s a Delonghi dual coffee and espresso maker for $30. We think that’s a pretty good deal.

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When you came, we thought it was completely fine that you asked if we had coffee beans and a grinder, so you could try out the machine and make yourself a cup of espresso. But then you didn’t actually know how to use the machine and took half an hour trying to learn how.

Meanwhile, you asked if we were selling anything else. Yes, we said, a French press. “What is it made of?” Glass. Husband pulls it out of the cabinet. “Oh no, you can’t put that it the microwave.” One doesn’t typically put a French press in the microwave…

You finally made the espresso and then asked for milk because you couldn’t drink the espresso by itself. Um, wasn’t this just to see if the machine worked?

And then you asked for a to-go cup. To which husband replied, “No, we don’t have to-go cups. We’re not a restaurant.”

So we gave you a mug. You asked for a bigger mug.

You filled the cup with milk, poured in the espresso, and said “I guess this tastes like coffee.” Sir, what else is it supposed to taste like? And then you added, “It tastes like a regular drip.” Well, that may be because you made the espresso “light” and then proceeded to drown it with milk.

You asked for a lower price. We said no. Then you took all the parts and wrapped them up individually in bags before you left.

So to the man who bought our espresso machine, we would really, really like it if you or anyone like you, never purchased anything from us ever again. You had husband believing the whole time that we were being punked.

Thank you, Craigslist, for yet another wonderful gem of an experience.


Anonymous said...

bahahaha! thank you times one million for posting this. i really needed something to make me laugh after an entire afternoon with my in-laws.

also, it's comforting to know that i'm not the only one who has crazy-ass craigslist experiences.

Monique said...

That is one amazing coffee machine!

Monique xx

Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

That is an unbelievable story. I was sort of waiting to see if you got punked too. Who do these people think they are?!

Ruthiegyll said...

Ali, I'm so glad this made you laugh :)

Hannah, I know, right?!

Karli said...

this is hilarious!!! nick and i recently bought a car off of craigslist and had a similar experience during the process. i love that dave thought you were being punked! people are so strange. :)

Ruthiegyll said...

so true, Karli!!

dulci said...

yum! lucky find!!

ZachattackSteph said...

Well if you give a mouse a cookie...

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