[zach + elise] our friends got married!

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Our sweet friends (who just happen to be our next door neighbors) got married last weekend! Zach and Elise got married at Red Horse Barn, which was a gorgeous venue that I had somehow overlooked in my own wedding location search. And their photographer, Levi Christiansen was actually the second photographer at our own wedding. Zach worked with husband, and we met Elise at one of their work events. It’s been pretty fab having them right next door for impromptu double dates and game nights… with many more to come.

Best wishes, Zach & Elise!

We love you, guys.

We were so honored (and of course, ecstatic) to be a part of this beautiful wedding celebration. A confession: I cried… many happy tears. And wedding season is just beginning.


Holly said...

great pictures. it looked like such a beautiful weding.

Alison said...

great photos, ruth! you're getting good at this blogging thing ;)

Raya Carlisle said...

Oh yay! Fun to see this : ) Love your dress.

Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

Ah! I love the use of succulents in the flower arrangements. I think they are so beautiful.

Fresh Out said...

Aw, everyone looks so happy! And having friends live next door would be so much fun!


Karli said...

those succulents are AMAZING. and you and dave make such a sweet couple. :)

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