happy 2012!

Monday, January 2, 2012

the new year is always filled with such hope and anticipation for me. it makes me so happy to know that in the continuum of time, there is that small change that signifies a fresh start.
my intention this year is to make every moment count, to be present, to savor, learn, absorb. to spend more time being immersed in whatever it is that i am choosing to do. and reminding myself that there is a choice.
mindfulness over multi-tasking. peace over production. minimalism over materialism. 
time is a gift.
[iphone photos from our today's lovely sunset adventure in corona del mar with the sweetest family i could ever ask for. no better way to start the new year].


dgyllenh said...

Loved every minute of it

Hollyanne said...

love these pictures of you and your family! :) your parents are just the best! happy 2012 love!

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