Shanghai, and a few friends.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

i'm behind, obviously.
i haven't posted pictures from december or january, or february, and now it's march!
i have to admit, i've been counting down to march.
to june, actually. march is just one step closer.
only 8 more weeks of formal grad school courses.
spring is almost here.
june -- meaning family, freedom, paris... all within reach.
but i don't want to forget about these last few months either.
i've wished for the days to go by faster, but i still want to remember them.
having my college roommates come visit...
it's like i didn't know what i was missing until they came.
it was a vacation with friends who know you.
who you can spend hours drinking with by a fireplace while it snows outside.
who don't mind stopping in a random cafe or having italian food in a chinese city.
and it was strange, too, in a cool way, like parallel universes colliding.
i loved it.
and i'm working to get caught up, i really am.

p.s. that makeshift jewelry tree is made of coral I snagged from the beaches of the Philippines. way cooler than anything I could have bought.
and the painting of Winston? my (dave's) momma painted it from a picture. she's so talented... captured him perfectly. her etsy shop is in the works, but she does custom paintings, so contact me if interested!


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